Owner Wayne Smith is a local Indianapolis Fire Department veteran

Wayne wanted to continue serving the Greater Indianapolis Community so he started a retirement project a few years prior to retiring from the department. Probably stemming from his time with the fire trucks and hoses, Wayne started power washing neighbors driveways, exterior siding, decks and more. 519 House Washing started out with just back back sprayers, Wayne and his crew were able to cover a lot of ground…quickly. It was only a matter of a few months and word got out about Wayne’s incredible service and quality results. He was even offering people a two year guarantee, and still does today!

The calls kept coming in, as word of mouth was traveling fast. Soon, Wayne purchased commercial quality equipment along with a few vehicles to cover the commercial jobs and demand for 519 House Washing.  Through all of the success however, Wayne still makes his proprietary solution, giving property owners stunning results and that two year guarantee that everyone loves. Beating the competitors pricing and outshining them is the easy part!

We love seeing the smiles on our customers as they look at their clean exterior when the job is finished.

We enjoy the chance to provide a family owned, local power washing service.


"JUST GIVE US A CALL, We'll make it happen"

Give us a quick call and we'll give your exterior the sparkly clean it deserves today!

Our Team and Our Process

At 519 House Washing we’re a family owned business serving the Greater Indianapolis Community. We use a soft-wash, power washing technology that provides a sparkly clean without damaging your property. All services come with a two year guarantee.

We rid of any mold, moss, mildew, grit and grime caused by the elements on your property’s exterior. We take our cars to the wash and love seeing the paint shine, why not give your home the same treatment and bring it back to life?